Rino-innevata“La Stria del Re” is a family-run B&B of new opening, located in the small and lovely village of Rino di Sonico (at about 700 meters above sea level), in the heart of the Regional Adamello Park, in central, but equally restful and panoramic position. Rino lies at just 2 km from the trunk road n. 42 Tonale & della Mendola (SS 42), and at less than 5 km from shops, clubs, sports and healthcare facilities, restaurants and commercial activities of all sorts.

The B&B, just 20 km away from the famous Adamello Sky District Ponte di Legno – Tonale, at 20 km from Aprica Sky-lifts and at 20 km from the National Rock Carving Park in Capo di Ponte (UNESCO’s World Heritage Site), offers a strategic location to reach the other touristic resorts of Camonica Valley (Val Camonica) and Gavia, Mortirolo, Crocedomini, etc. Passes.

Ideal winter position for those passionate about skiing and summer location for excursionists, Rino offers the immediate access to the walking trails leading to the several Park mountain huts (i. e. Rifugio Val Malga, Premassone, Gnutti, Tonolini, Garibaldi Huts etc.).

The densely wooded area, rich in streams and basins allows to mushroom-picking and fishing enthusiasts the chance to play their hobbies just a stone’s throw away from the B&B; moreover, Sara, the owner, will provide you precious tips for a satisfying catch (to the annoyance of her mum, a fierce mushroom-searcher, and of her dad, unshakeable fisherman. . .).